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At Plymplastics we understand the frustration of not having a quality part. This is why we complete Process Optimisation on each of the tools. This ensures all parts are manufactured to the same quality by knowing which process parameters are critical to the part. Each process goes through rigorous trials, prior to releasing the tool, to prove the parts do not change dimensionaly or visually.


We are currently working towards ISO9001 that will be introduced soon.




We are currently working on a component that will be made entirely out of ocean waste plastics! Watch this space.


We always try to minimise waste by not creating it in the first place.


However when we have no choice we regrind the waste for it to be recycled and reused.


Our commitment to recycling the waste plastic is second to none!



We know that machinery needs to be kept maintained in order for the machine to produce quality parts. That is why Plymplastics machines are periodically maintained with regular oil and filter changes.


This enables the machine t0 repeatably produce components which means it is less likely to produce reject parts.



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