Plastic Injection Moulding


This is our primary service and we can produce parts from as little as 1gm up to 250gms.  

With all mould tools, we spend time up front to produce the optimum part with a series of procedures known as Process Developement, this enables us to have a repeatable process which in turn leads on to consistent/quality components.  

We can give you a full appraisal of you current moulds and give you a competitive quote for producing your components, if you are looking to relocate them. 



At Plymplastics we work closely with our chosen toolmakers to come up with solutions to your needs. You may have a great design, however this may not work in practice when being moulded. We can use our expertise with the tool maker to find the right solution.

We will work with you to pick the optimum amount of parts (impressions) required per cycle to make the process as efficient as possible. As a cost saving exercise we can produce various parts within the same tool, this is known as a Family Mould



Plymplastics understand that holding inventory is an expense you don't need. This is why we will hold inventory for you. This way we can get the parts to you within 36 hours, after ordering them, with our dedicated couriers.

Variety Of Thermoplastics & Colours


Plymplastics use a range of different thermoplastics, each one has different properties. We can help you choose the correct thermoplastic and grade.


Engineering Plastics - ABS, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Glass Filled Nylon, Acetal & Polycarbonate.


Commodity Plastics - PS (Various including High, Mid & Low  Impact Polystyrene), Polypropylene, Polyethylene (Low & High Density).


Colours - We work with our material & colourant suppliers to obtain the correct colour for your products.

Post Mould Operations


At Plymplastics we can cater for our customers post mould requirements. This can include drilling, assembling and welding to produce the finished components.

Insert Moulding


This process includes an insert placed within the specially designed tool prior to the part being moulded. The plastic is then injected into the tool. This creates a very strong bond and can be used in many applications for example a captive nut.

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